Archery Hunting Africa

Archery hunting in Africa is second to none.  Nowhere else in the world can you see so much huntable game from one blind.  Our archery camps are tried and tested by some of the finest bowhunters in the industry.  Some of our more famous clients are:
Archery icon, writer,  and TV personality Don Dvoroznak
Bowhunter Magazine's Les Davenport
Outdoor writer Kirk Clark
Tejas Adventures TV hosts Gerald and Anthony Faldyn

 Most archery hunting is done over waterholes or feed/salt stations.  Shots are close, and action can be incredible. Expect to see 75-150+ animals at the waterhole each sitting.

Spot and stalk hunting is also second to none in Africa.  Most of the animals can be spotted throughout the day, so there is always action.   We have also harvested a number of animals, and a variety of species stalking.  If we can do it, so can you!!

Click on one of the links below to visit one of our Archery camps.  Remember, we only do archery hunting on these concessions.  Any rifle hunting done by the outfitter is on seperate property.  ARCHERY ONLY ON THESE PROPERTIES!! 


                Deluxe Limpopo Lodge  




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