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For top quality, affordable taxidermy, look no further.  Since 1987, Kevin Koeshall has owned and operated KD Taxidermy, bringing smiles to even the most demanding customers.  Located for many years in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, we also have expanded to drop off locations in Madison, Wisconsin and Wakonda, South Dakota.  We also pick up and deliver nationwide.

At KD Taxidermy, only the finest state-of–the art procedures and supplies are used.  Unwilling to cut any corners, only the finest commercial tanners are used on all mammal mounts, as well as top quality, well defined manikins and supplies.  Each bird is mounted on a specially designed wall or table habitat, of your own design.  Custom designed pedestal game head mounts incorporating native habitats are commonplace, and each life-sized mammal comes complete with a uniquely designed native habitat base.  Following these guidelines, your trophy is taken from a “mount” to a work of art.





North American game heads are the staple at KD Taxidermy, whitetail deer being the highest volume.  Located in Wisconsin, we do a high volume of trophy deer mounts, many being Pope and Young/Boone and Crockett caliber.  Whether it be a child's first deer or a trophy hunters Boone and Crockett deer, we give each the same special attention.  We have even been commissioned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to complete mounts for their acclaimed "Wall of Shame", a collection of illegally taken whitetails.

 Only the best tanners, forms, and supplies are used.  We refuse to scrimp on quality of supplies based on cost.  We offer a limited lifetime remounting warranty, should you ever be dissatisfied, and we have never gotten one back yet.  Our work should provide viewing pleasure for generations, not just a few years.  We use state of the art techniques and are always seeking training to better our product.  Rest assured you will be satisfied, guaranteed!


If it is quality bird taxidermy you seek, look no further.  KD Taxidermy provides top quality bird mounting services incorporating lifelike poses with realistic habitats for a natural look.  State of the art techniques are used to ensure a long lasting quality mount.  KD Taxidermy has been commissioned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural resources to mount birds for display in their state headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.


Lifesize Mammals

 If it is lifesize animal mounts you prefer, please check out the variety at KD Taxidermy.  All lifesize mounts are complete with a natural habitat of your own design, as well as lifelike, natural poses.


                                           AFRICAN TAXIDERMY

Many years ago Kevin travelled to Africa with friends on his first Safari.  As of 2012,
Kevin has now been to Africa 35 times, and harvested over 150 African animals, including 131 with bow and arrow.  He has studied the animals and knows the correct anatomy and poses for the different game animals.  KD Taxidermy has mounted hundreds of African animals and is familiar with the difficulties in dealing with African game.  Custom alterations and damaged hides are the norm, and we are well versed in dealing with them.  We have completed mounts for some of the most disciminating sportsmen, so rest assured we will do the same for you.



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