Gun Hunting Africa

Gun hunting in Africa is second to none. Nowhere else in the world can you go to a single destination and hunt such a large variety of game animals, and stay in such deluxe accommodations.



Our gun camps (rifle/handgun/muzzleloader) are hand -picked safari camps.  I have personally hunted each of these camps and know the operation well.  Some of these outfitters are also listed in the Archery Hunting Africa pages as well.  Rest assured, we have separate concessions for archery and gun hunting.  We do not gun hunt where we bow hunt, period!!

Whether you are looking for a first-time plainsgame hunt, or a more advanced hunt for Leopard, we have what you need; competitive prices and world-class hunting.


                                     Deluxe Limpopo Lodge- South Africa

Click on the links to visit the pages of our distinguished group of gun hunting camps in  South Africa.  You have my word; they are the best around.


Kevin Koeshall


Koeshall's World Hunting Adventures LLC











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